Torre San Pietro

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Last Updated: 10/01/2017  
Author: Carla Rossi    Tags:

So you have always had a hankering for a property in Italy but for whatever reason you don’t want to spend too much. Added to that, you aren’t ready to take on too much land and responsibility and would much prefer something that you can just lock ‘n’ leave. Something with a couple of bedrooms and maybe even a little terrace on which to sit.

How about a little Tuscan town house or a flat in pretty Umbrian market town then? Purchasing a property of this type is perfect for anyone who prefers to pop out for breakfast and take part in the lovely early morning bustle that is so very enjoyable and so typically Italian. Also, it isn’t a major drama if you forget to buy the milk/some chocolate/cigarettes/beer/wine/shoes. Well maybe not shoes, but it is nice to have the opportunity if you feel the need!