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Why I love Italian Property Italy

Published: 23/04/2020 By The Abode Team

Why buy a house in Italy?
There are ingredients to life in Italy which will never change, despite substitutes forced by this pandemic. The Italians themselves are a very special group, their warmth and willingness for life is undeniable. Their fierce pride in their daily rituals and their dedication to family and friends is being tested right now but will never be lost. They have an admirable way to put these aspects of their lives first, they seem always to find the time and energy to prioritise these and they are right to do so. It is the fuel of life, our interactions and moments of just being, instead of rushing around or losing ourselves in box sets and social media. Of course, they all have these too but they seem to be able to effortlessly carve out "together" time, as naturally as breathing in and out and consistently seek opportunities to raise a glass or eat together. Click here for a house perfectly positioned for popping out for an aperativo 

The joy of the properties here in Italy is that they evoke times gone by, of summers filled with romance and long, languid evenings. Even in the heart of winter you can feel the potential just waiting to be awoken. When we first inspect a property, the owners often reminisce about the journey to find their special home, times they have spent there together with friends and family as well as the people they have got to know. Almost everyone can recount a time when they were invited to eat with an Italian friend and how it was maybe a simple but unforgettable meal. I personally love the way Italians will share stories about food with such reverence and gusto. They love telling you where you should shop for a certain delicacy or the best way to prepare a dish. This pretty house in the Niccone Valley is walking distance to a very good restaurant, with its own vineyard and olive grove. Tastings of their produce happen regularly too. Torre D'avorio

Finding homes for our clients is a wonderful journey. Our clients seek a property where long lasting memories are made and dreams come true. The ability to have a home here which you and all your family can enjoy is a privilege. The second home in Italy offers the opportunity to take some time, in your own space, to breathe and enjoy tranquility, freedom to explore, to learn and indulge in the richness Italy has to offer. Click to see this stunning restoration with a deconsecrated church

New home owners are excited but slightly at a loss as to how to get started in their new homes. Our team helps with the setting up of a new home and can offer a range of services to help through this period. We are always delighted when we hear from old clients who get back in touch to let us know how they are getting on. Click here to see our testimonials