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Can I travel to Italy if I've had both doses of the Covid vaccine?

Published: 17/02/2021 By The Abode Team

Travel into Italy has been heavily restricted for some time, with most travellers from the USA barred since March 2020, while tighter restrictions were placed on travellers from the UK in December. All of which means that many second home owners have not seen their properties for many months, while families and couples have also been kept apart by the travel rules. So does being fully vaccinated - having received both injections - give you a travel exemption?

Unfortunately the answer is no, or not yet anyway.

Several European countries has been discussing the idea of 'vaccine passports' or allowing access to certain services such as travel for those who are fully vaccinated, but at present there are no plans to introduce this. While the idea was embraced by Spain and Greece, Italy has not yet commented.
As Italy's vaccine rollout is still in its early stages, only the first prority groups - including key workers and over-80s - are being offered the vaccine at the moment. If a vaccine passport scheme is agreed, it seems likely this would only be put in place once the general population can be offered the vaccine - currently scheduled for late spring/early summer.

Italy is due to review its current set of coronavirus restrictions by March 5th, but there has been no indication yet that rules may be relaxed.