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Latest Coronavirus News and Restrictions 19 October 2020

Published: 18/10/2020 By The Abode Team

Cases are increasing in Italy as they are across Europe. In our view we are much better off than most European countries effected by coronavirus. The government have announced a new series of restrictions that will come in tonight and will last for the next 30 days.

Interestingly the rule of 6 people is only a recommendation and not a law. Masks must be used outside at all times and indoors if you have guests. No more than 6 people indoors, so if you have a family of 6, which is very usual in Italy, you really shouldn’t be inviting anyone to your house.

Closing time for bars is now midnight, and after 6pm it’s seating only inside and out. Night clubs are closed and amateur sports are suspended. All school trips are banned. Each province have the right to introduce their own restrictions to main squares and high footfall areas.

Test and trace and coronavirus testing has been expanded and isolation has been reduced to 10 days for test and trace suspected cases.

As I expect you already know, you now need to isolate if you return from Italy to the UK for 14 days and you need to have a negative test before of after 48 hours of entering Italy. We highly recommend you get a test before you travel.  

Although these restrictions will have a dramatic change on peoples lives we have seen a calm and willingness by the Italian population to adhered to the new laws and if you walk around local villages and town almost everyone is wearing a mask.

For a minute to minute update on what’s happening in Italy and Italian property please get in touch.

Stay safe, abide by the rules and let’s help kill this virus.